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richie magic


I have lived in New York all my life, and that's where I started doing magic at the age of 12 and although I have taken breaks over the years, its always been in my blood. I love to entertain, amaze and make people laugh. I have come to learn that life's too short and precious not to enjoy, live, love and laugh, and yes Richie Magic is my real name, at least that's what it says on my driver's license and credit cards:)

I had a happy childhood with wonderful parents and an older sister, that has always believed in me. My parents always encouraged me and said "Richie, why don't you become a magician when you grow up" LOL, naah like everyone else's parents they wanted me to be a doctor or lawyer, however school wasn't my passion, although I did go on with my education and I did graduate college! After which I decided to enter the field of law enforcement, and completed 30 years of service and commitment.
I enjoyed the work and have no regrets, however, when I do children's shows I really do stress just how important school is and how education is the key to success. In my 30 years of service I accomplished a lot of goals and made a positive impact on several lives, I was very involved with the union and retired as first VP of the Superior Officers Association, my work in the union, political action, contract negotiations was a lot of hard work but very rewarding , and fun as I was able to work hand in hand with my dear friend and President of the union Bob Buckley. In 1992 I was promoted to the rank of SGT. and it became easier to do and accomplish a lot more , over the years I received several commendations and awards but the most sacred I received at a ceremony on August 18, 2006 was for my work and support in the aftermath of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, "Exceptional Duty Award" .

I married my sweetheart in November 1985. She is truly the most wonderful person I have ever met "Barbara" who is not only my darling wife, but my wonderful magic assistant and, she's my best friend. Besides magic Barbara and I share many interests and hobbies, we ride custom motorcycles, like playing and watching sports, and love animals, hence the reason we do not use any live animals in any of our performances.

Since retirement in May 2007, we live and breathe magic, whether practicing new illusions, attending magic meetings or lectures, shopping for new magic, collecting vintage magic, teaching magic or doing shows, we both love it.

We belong to and are members in good standing of the following organizations, clubs, etc.

S.A.M. - The Society of American Magicians (National)

S.A.M. - SAMPA1 - Parent Assembly #1- N.Y.C. - Currently hold position of Host and Sgt. At Arms

S.A.M. - Assembly #77 - Long Island Mystics

I.B.M. - International Brotherhood of Magicians (National)

I.B.M. - Ring # 317 -
Ring of Illusion- currently hold position of President

I.B.M. - Ring # 26 - Harry Roz-On Ring, N.Y.C.

L.I.M.A.C. - Long Island Magic Club - currently hold position of Secretary

The Magic Castle - Academy of Magical Arts, Inc. - Hollywood, California

The Magic Circle - London, England

M.A.E.S. - Magicians Alliance of Eastern States - Lifetime Member

I.M.S. - International Magicians Society - Lifetime Member

Rogue Productions - (M.F.P.) Magic for the People - Lifetime Member

Monday Night Magic - Charter Member

Houdini Museum - Scranton, Pennsylvania

Coney Island, U.S.A.

W.C.A. - World Clown Association

C.O.A.I. - Clowns of America International

New York Clown Alley

Barbara and I have done countless charity shows in nursing homes, hospitals, hospices, events for challenged and disabled children and have lots of experience and many excellent references upon request.

Our shows range from mild to wild with the ability to perform close-up, sleight of hand, walk around, stage shows, comedy magic, mind reading and so much more.

I also specialize in fire eating, fire blowing, pyro technics and human block head.

We can perform for any age group at reasonable pricing.