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Simon Lovell


Simon Lovell (born 1957 in Manchester) is an English comedy magician, card shark and actor. His trademark pieces are finding an audience member's card in his mouth and a humorous straitjacket escape. Lovell recently appeared on VH1's popular reality show Celebracadabra, on which he and other worldclass magicians trained celebrities to perform magic for audiences.

The author of sixteen books, including Billion Dollar Bunco, which covers cons and scams, Lovell currently stars in a one-man off Broadway show called Strange and Unusual Hobbies. It has run for over four years at the SoHo Playhouse in NYC, and the Wall Street Journal complimented it by saying, "A dazzling 90 minute show."[citation needed] The well-reviewed show combines Lovell off-the-wall sense of humor with demonstrations of his uncanny chard cheating and jaw-dropping magic.

Residing in New York City for the last decade, Simon is a regularly featured performer "Monday Night Magic", the oldest running off-Broadway show featuring an evening of magicians and related performers

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